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Thread: Ruger #1 Question

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    Ruger #1 Question

    A lightly used Ruger #1 does not whack the primers with authority. It misfired a few times with primers seated in 30-06 cartridges that never fail to fire in my bolt actions. As long as the primers are seated with bone crushing force, the misfires have stopped, but the indents are feeble and don't inspire confidence. This is the case with unfired, new brass as well as used, reloaded cases. Headspace looks fine. I've removed the firing pin, cleaned and inspected the pin and breechblock. That Ruger firing pin point is tiny but undamaged. Is there a gunsmith who makes and installs parts necessary to deliver a more decisive strike than the factory design?
    Fred in Lakewood, CO

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    Cheak with EA Brown, they have carried heaver springs that go with with their speed lock kits. Something you could change on your own.

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    Go to the top.......

    If your No.1 is newly purchased, call Ruger Customer Service FIRST before doing anything rash.

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    not noted for hard hitting fireing pin

    Frank de Hass did an experiment with several different rifles to check the force of the firing pins. He inserted an aluminum rod down the bore and measured how far out the bore it was propelled just by the firing pin. According to his figures the Ruger #1 got it out the barrel 32" compared to a Win. 70 that went 94". Of the seven different rifles he checked the Browning 78 went the highest at 120". This is all from his book Single Shot Actions.
    Any problem with any of the components of the firing system in these actions could spell trouble as you describe.

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    Check to make sure the forearm is not contacting the firing pin spring anywhere. I have had that happen before.

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