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Thread: Remington 40XBR

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    Remington 40XBR

    I have a rem 40xbr action not in use, but would it be possible to use 6XC with this action? Or is it too short?

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    All 40X were short actions and Remington offered the .300 Win Mag in the 40X. It will eject the empty case but if you needed to remove an unfired cartridge you had to remove the bolt. I don't know how the length of the XC case compares to the Win Mag but if it's the same or shorter you are ok.

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    Greg McGee, who has 78 lifetime points in IBS 1,000 yard benchrest, used a short-action Remington with the .300 Weatherby, which is longer still than the Win Mag. (McGee went bronze in 1995, the first year there was IBS 1KBR.) Clay Spenser did all his work.

    Since the 6-XC is just a trifle shorter than a .22/250 necked up to 6mm, you're not only good to go, but have the action length most would deem correct.

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