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Thread: Bluebonnet Final Results

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    Bluebonnet Final Results

    I see some of the Grand results posted already so I will hit the highlights.

    Sporter Grand
    Larry Baggett 0.3071
    Mike Conry 0.3176
    John Horn 0.3356
    Gene Bukys 0.3361
    Charles Huckeba 0.3421

    Light Grand
    Charles Huckeba 0.2863
    Mike Conry 0.2993
    Gene Bukys 0.3239
    Larry Baggett 0.3280
    Gary Bristow 0.3282

    Two Gun
    Mike Conry 0.3085
    Charles Huckeba 0.3142
    Larry Baggett 0.3176
    Gene Bukys 0.3300
    Gary Bristow 0.3483
    Tommy Long 0.3615
    Russell Mathews 0.3672
    Manfred Freytag 0.3686
    Cody Engel 0.3707
    Kris Whitman 0.3765

    We had a great shoot this past weekend in New Braunfels. Congratulation to all the winners and we appreciate all who attended. The weather was nice, minus the winds, but that is Dietzville for you. As you can see from the aggs we had a little wind and mostly straight across the field.

    BTW Arnold Jewell shot his best ever 200 yard target.....too bad it was on his neighbors target:>((

    Thanks to all the people who help put this shoot does not happen on it's own. A special thanks to Jerry Hensler for scoring the match and running the inside and also a huge Thank You to Virgil Howath for calling a great match. We could not do it without you guys. I have attached a picture of the winners. This way you can prove to your wife you really did go to a shooting match

    Kris Whitman
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    Kris, Thanks to all the Bluebonnet crew for putting on a great match. It is always fun to go there and shoot with you all. The Bluebonnet brings in a bunch of great shooters who naturally beat the rest of us like rented mules. But the fun and friendship makes it a good time for sure.
    Windy? Well yes just a bit. On Friday, it was blowing hard and gusty all day long from left to right. Saturday was the same wind but from right to left. Then on Sunday, it was back to the old left to right blow. I heard several good shooters describe their group as one in and four out. Mostly mine were all five out.
    But, I can't wait for next year and another chance to kick AJ's A$$!

    Congratulations to all the winners. You proved you knew how to shoot and shoot well.


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