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Thread: LT-32 and 6MM BR Usage

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    LT-32 and 6MM BR Usage

    Has anyone tried LT-32 in a 6MM BR with 65-70 g bullets? Where on a burn rate chart does LT-32 stand. is it faster or slower than H322 for instance?


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    is it faster or slower than H322 for instance?
    It's very close to current H322 burn rate... Just a touch faster... Or seems that way.. IMOP due to the smaller dense kernals... By way of a measurer one will get a bit more "hotter" load with LT-32 IF one sets the measurer the same for both H322 and LT-32... Use 322 data and start 10% reduced.

    Don't forget about current Canadian AA2015........! The same powder as LT-32 just the burn rate is on the slower side, compareable to most pulldown lots of Dupont IMR 8208... Canadian AA2015 should be just right in the 6BR......


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