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Engine still on the dyno and testing will continue late this week or early next week. So far, it looks like we have a repeatable 4-5 h.p. increase over last season. Next testing will be four different NHRA accepted fuels: two from Sunoco and two from V.P. Last session, the V.P. C11 was the best but we've changed cam timing and a few other things since then. -Al
Al, I might be wrong on this, but in recent times there have been articles concerning octane of fuels. It seems that too high of an octane number for a given application is really not desirable, and can actually cost power. In short, you should not run 110 octane fuel if an engine combination only requires 98.

Since the class you run is one where improvements are measured in very small gains, have you found that having just enough octane rating to prevent detonation can actually make more power?

Or, maybe not. Just curious.