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Thread: When traveling Internationally with a firearm

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    When traveling Internationally with a firearm

    Well if anyone is planning a trip overseas with a firearm or knows someone traveling to NZ with a firearm I would not recommend travelling with Air New Zealand.

    The reason is they have introduced a charge for travelling with firearms
    From NZ to Aussie it is NZ$120 plus a return charge AU$120, Perth is NZ$200, return to NZ AU$200
    To the US NZ$200, return to NZ US$150.
    To the UK NZ$200 return from UK 100 UK pounds

    This is charged for each case containing a firearm, even if the case isn't oversize or over 23kg, and also includes any rifle that would have previously been included in your allowed baggage limit.

    Seems like Air New Zealand is now anti firearm!!!!!!

    This is part of a reply I received from customer support at Air New Zealand after giving them some feedback after being charged the $120 fee when I went to Aussie for the Australia day BR shoot.

    I realise that this is not the outcome that you would have desired and if you decide that you would like to take this further please email customer support directly on and put your concerns into writing regarding your future travel in August, and also for the flight that you took in January. Your feedback in this respect is important as Air NZ may decide to review these charges in the future in response to customer dissatisfaction.

    If enough people express their disgust at the fees Air New Zealand is charging not only for taking a firearm but also excess baggage..........perhaps they will review their policy. You can contact Air NZ here or email

    When I think about the consequences of this charge by Air New Zealand it isn't good.

    When traveling on one of Air New Zealand's partner airlines (Star Alliance) if part of your trip is on Air New Zealand then your baggage allowance would be Air New Zealand's allowable limit and you would be required to pay any extra charges..........another Air New Zealand customer has been told the following

    I am going through this very thing right now and here is the guts of what i've got in an email from Air NZ for a trip to Canada;

    1) you cannot prepay for extra baggage if it is a firearm
    2) there is a standard $200 per firearm handling fee IN ADDITION to the baggage fee of $200.
    Never know if Air New Zealand get away with this other airlines may follow suit

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    Just to let everyone know, due to public pressure Air New Zealand have revoked the "firearms handling fee"

    I'd like to thank everyone who made the effort to contact Air New Zealand about the firearms handling tax, it took every ones effort to achieve the outcome we got.

    Also Air New Zealand have offered to refund the $120 they charged me for handling the firearm on my flight to Sydney in January.

    I urge everyone that got charged this fee to contact customer support and request a refund..........if you want more details PM me.

    Dear Mr Owen

    Thank you for your response to Sara in regards to the firearm charges you paid on your recent trip with us. I called to discuss this issue with you and have left a message on your home phone.

    This is not a charge that has been levied on firearms because they are used for sport but rather to cover the additional administration costs that carrying a firearm internationally involves. In fact, we have not introduced a firearms charge for domestic travel as it does not need the same level of clearance and administration requirements as international travel and our ground handling on our domestic network is managed in house and is not contracted to other companies or airline therefore no additional contract handling costs.

    Your concerns, in relation to the firearms charge, are valid and I have raised this with the wider Contact Centre Management team to ensure that the information we are providing in this regard is accurate.

    Further I have been advised by our management team the firearms charge is currently being reviewed and your comments have been passed back to the area concerned so they can be taken into account during this review process. Should there be any change to this current charge, I will be happy to come back to you with an update.

    Mr Owen, in the mean time could you please forward to me directly your receipt for payment along with your bank account details so I may action a refund for you.



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