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Thread: 22 rimfire ammo availability

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    22 rimfire ammo availability

    I received an email from the sportsmans alliance of Maine late last week. There were having a legislator orientation day and part of the routine was some rimfire target shooting. Even in Maine some legislators have never fired a rifle. Anyway, the email was asking for a couple of bricks to be donated or sold as they could not find any rimfire ammo on the shelf retail in the Augusta, Me area. Now, that is a shortage. Greg

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    On another forum with several thousand members there is an ammunition thread where people from around the nation report on what's available in their areas. There are sporadic reports of 223 and various pistol rounds, fairly common reports of 20 round boxes of centerfire rifle hunting rounds of various calibers & shotgun shells but no reports, period, of anyone seeing rimfire for sale anywhere.

    Talked to the sporting goods dept manager at the local Walmart who told me that a couple of weeks ago they unexpectedly received about 60 of 333 round bulk boxes of rimfire. Word apparently got out. She said at the opening the next day there were 10 people already lined up. Even with the 3 box limit, all gone within about 45 minutes.

    Found this on

    "According to reports, the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled over 1.6 billion rounds of ammo for its various agencies, and one of the worst side effects of this appears to be a shortage of ammo for private gun owners.

    The question is--what if the shortage is intentional?

    Bear with me here. I am not a "conspiracy theorist" nor do I believe that DHS is stockpiling bullets in order to wage war on Americans, as some commentators have suggested.

    However, I do believe they know these massive ammo purchases are driving supply down and prices up, and that's generally a good thing for an administration that doesn't think people ought to be able to own guns to begin with.

    Think about it this way--although reports indicate DHS had 1.6 billion rounds stockpiled as of spring 2012, they recently ordered over 20 million more.

    Many of these rounds are in .40 cal and 9mm--two very popular rounds for civilians--and will be manufactured by ATK, which owns Federal. Federal, as you know, produces a lot of the ammunition that civilians used to purchase at Wal-Mart and other stores, when Wal-Mart and other stores could find ammo to put on their shelves.

    The bottom line--gun owners are facing a perfect storm. Civilians are buying up every box of ammo they can find in anticipation of a federal gun grab and less ammo is making it to the shelves to replace what is being purchased, largely because so many rounds of ammo are being sent to fill government orders.

    Sounds like gun control by another name.
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    Natchez website only has birdshot as available. Even the $32 a box Lapua is listed as sold out. Scary.

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    The real question is............

    What are they planning on doing with that much ammo?

    Using the Afghanistan war ammo use as a comparison - the conduct of the war is requiring approximately 34 million rounds a year. At that rate the government's ammo purchases for "non-military" use is enough to conduct a similar high level operation for 47 years.

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    There is a provision in the Health care bill or whatever they call it to create basically a standing army
    who only responds to orders directly from the white house. not connected to any other nor affiliated with any branch of the service.

    There is no ( insert explicative of your choice) that homeland security needs anywhere near even 1.6 million rounds let alone another 20 mil.

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    I think they do need all that much ammo. Have you ever seen how they shoot?

    They are also creating jobs. The lead abatement program where ever they go will be implemented.
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