Via Carl Boswell
It is with deep sadness that I announce to all his friends, in and out of the target shooting community, the death of Ladislav Ninger on 25th December 2012. He fought a good battle since his stroke earlier this year, but passed away on Christmas Day.

His passing is a sad loss to us all for his humour, his determination and energy. We will miss the laughter we shared, we will miss our friendship, we will miss the times you stood resolute with conviction in your purpose, we will miss you each in our own way. Most of all we will miss you.
Time is short in this life, there are no practice runs! Ladislav used life to the full, even though his time with us was cut short. Remembrance of that quirky smile, his jokes, his life and him personally will be ever lasting. As will the commitment he pu...t into the sports he loved. For these memories we have gratitude that we were there, alongside him.

No doubt further tributes will be given in a variety of places. For the time being these can be placed in a number of places - They can be paid on his Facebook page, on the Benchrest Show page an to his brother Michal -

Ladislav will be missed a great deal by his family and friends - of which there are many. Goodbye dear friend. You were the best of us all and will not be forgotten.

"Today belongs to few and tomorrow to no one."

Via Bill Collaros:

Very very sad news, Rimfire Benchrest, The WRABF & The ERASBF owe a great deal of gratitude to Ladislav. He understood how to run a succesful and professional World Class event better than anyone and when we come up with some updated rules in the near future a lot of the credit goes to him. Sometimes his tough exterior and manner got him off side with people but the lucky ones who became his friends also got to see his, funny, soft and intelegent side. RIP my peace my friend, you will not be forgotten.