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Thread: RWS model 34: Which scope and mount to use?

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    RWS model 34: Which scope and mount to use?


    I am looking for a bit of giuidence as to which scope/mount combination would be a good choice on this air rifle. I am just going to use it for informal target shooting, plinking and "fly busting."

    Any suggestions?



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    The scope must by air gun rated as the reverse recoil will tear apart the internals of units not specifically rated for air gun use. Any mount used will need some type of solid stop as part of it to prevent sliding on the 11mm dove tail. Here again there are specific mounts for spring piston powered air guns. Even the recoiling action or opposed piston type felt recoil canceling spring powered units will still rip the internals apart on optics not rated as such. Hope this helps, Chris

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    I've had very good luck with the RWS Droop Compensating mounts on my springers with UTG scopes. I believe for the RWS 34 a compensating mount is a must.

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