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Thread: Running successful BR matches/program

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    Running successful BR matches/program

    At Tacoma (TRRC), we hold 14 days of registered competition over a 6 month period. During the last 2 years, we have had to fine tune the way our matches were staffed, operated and funded through match fees. We have a program that also depends on volunteers at a match director level, as well as at a Board level. However, the rest of the crew, consisting of a match officer who runs the matches, the scorer, the score keeper and one or two target changing crew are all paid through the proceeds of the match.

    We have a very supportive shooting club, and work closely with the Board for a successful BR program. Of course we all face some diminishing numbers every year but overall, we have steady attendance for our registered matches. Through the efforts to put on a good, timely, professional shoot each time, the TRRC BR program is holding steady. We try to make it fun for all with recognition, prizes, trophies for shooters, and the occasional potluck BBQ's for family and friends. Our shoots are very competitive and attract shooters from various neighboring states and Canada.

    Putting on BR quality matches is not easy work for the volunteers and the crew. But it is a very worthwhile cause once the details are sorted out and a program is consistently in place. Both Jeff Lewis (I haven't asked him yet butů) and I offer our recently earned knowledge and experience to clubs needing a bit of assistance in setting up their program. We are happy to share details of what seems to work well for our BR program. Perhaps there is nothing unique in what we do up here in Tacoma, but the occasional help and support we can give and receive from the numerous BR program staff right here, on this forum can only help all of us who love benchrest. Just reply to this post and we can connect up.



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    Generous offer indeed.

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    We have just finished construction of our 600 yard range at Columbus, WI. Where do I get the tools to score a match? We will be shooting IBS and various fun matches.

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    Have you deciced what your dates will be, also does your range have a web site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Balding View Post
    We have just finished construction of our 600 yard range at Columbus, WI. Where do I get the tools to score a match? We will be shooting IBS and various fun matches.

    IBS sells their own Reticle Scoring Device, which must be used to score targets for their sanctioned matches. I don't know what NBRSA uses but I assume the same one. IR 50/50 sells their own plug scoring device that must be used for their matches. I find it to be a darn fine scoring device for any targets that require a .22 scoring device. Give me a magnified plug over a reticle any day. Not many people, if any, have a problrm with using a magnified plug where as I find the opposite to be true with the reticle.

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