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Thread: LV Pellet Choice

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    LV Pellet Choice

    Not a question about brand, but weight. For the sub 12 FPE LV class, do you prefer to shoot lighter pellets faster or heavier pellets slower. Assuming your gun can shoot either of choices equally in perfect conditions, which would you set your rifle up for knowing that we never have perfect conditions?

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    Both of my LV guns shoot the 7.9, 8.4 better than the 10.3's.


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    I'll second what Paul said. 8.4's for me.

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    I have good groups with JSB 7.9 EXACT. Check with the indoor guys that fired the high scores with the EV


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    So in LV there seems to be a preference for the lighter pellets. So, is the lighter pellet less affected by wind due to reduced time to target or are the guns just shooting the lighter pellets better.

    The reason I asked this, is I am getting serious into this crazy game. My HV rig is set at this point, and I'm experimenting with a AA 200TA for LV. The 200 will shoot both Heavies and 8.4 real well in good conditions (don't have access to an indoor range). It actually prefers Heavies for FT longer range targets. However the gun needs to be setup differently to shoot each particular pellet and stay under 12 FPE. This makes it near impossible to test different weight pellets in the same shooting session.

    Guess for the next bit I'll setup for 8.4 and see how I do over a period of a couple weeks then change over to 10.34 and check that out.

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