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Thread: Denver Instruments MXX-123

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    Denver Instruments MXX-123

    I purchased a Denver Instruments MXX-123 high precision scale after seeing the reviews on I just wanted to report that my MXX-123 has turned out to be pretty much junk. I started getting underload errors on startup and now I have to place about 180 grains of weight on the scale to get it to boot up. I called Denver Instruments to try and get it fixed and they said, "Too bad, out of warranty, we'll sell you a newer version for $475.00"

    Obviously I won't be buying anymore Denver Instrument scales and have instructed our labs to do the same.

    Can someone recommend a good replacement?? Thanks.

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    the bad news is that DENVER INSTRUMENTS got bought out by another company and they obviously have no concern with customer service.
    yes its out of warranty..but good companies try to work with a customer....
    sorry to hear.
    luckily mine is still working well
    there was a thread on a smaller scale in the 150/200 dollar range...
    mike in co

    ps: how old is your scale ??

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    thekubiaks, I have been using a Dillon since 2005 with zero problems and I use it at the range weekly.
    A few years ago I purchased a Adams Equipment HCB-123 Portable scale. This will weigh .xx in grains and has several other scales. It also has a battery to use at the range. Another feature is a built in calibration weight. I like it for home use but not outside. Look up They have many models but I was directed by the sales staff that this would serve me well. It has.

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