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Thread: Rebar barrel

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    Rebar barrel

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	12418Ive had several emails and phone calls about the article in Precision Shooting about my rebar barrel made by myself and Ron Smith here in Alberta Canada.
    A couple of fellows asked if I could write a little about it on this Forum so here goes.
    As many Canadians an US shooter know Ron Smith of RKS Barrels, makes single point cut rifle barrels here in Alberta. Many Schultzen an RF shooters use his barrels with great success and now more and more target shooters are finding his barrels work very well in all aspects of the shooting sport including jacketed bullets. He makes both gain and straight twist barrels and more and more people are starting to use the gain twist barrels in the long range game due to the fact they are having longer barrel life and other reasons.
    Anyway I had the idea of making a barrel out of rebar as a joke many years ago and just taking it to a shoot for fun. After convincing Ron to take a chance and drill it on his deep hole drill we were both surprised how well it drilled and reamed. He was so interested now that he rifled it the next day and phoned me to say he thought it looked great, an said I should give it a real try out. Well the rest of the story is as printed in the journal this gun truly turned out to be a fun thing. And yes it shoots great a true target quality gun.
    No its not lined and no its not just a standard barrel blank made to look like rebar it is just a piece of what they called weldable rebar from a construction job site.
    Ron makes about 200 to 250 barrels a year and no rebar isn't going to be Ún his list with chrome moly and stainless. But you can always ask.
    Ron can be reached at 1-403-631-2405
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    3 things come to mind

    The front site and scope base installation is interesting, it looks like bubble gum and rabbit wire, really looks like it.
    Why such a piece of rebar couldn't be used for a 22lr escapes me.
    Pretty close to April 1 right now.

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    Like I have often said, "the fellow that says it can't be done should not interrupt the fellow that is doing it!".

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    Loved that article---you could have milled a flat for the scope blocks, but with rebar, you need tiewire!!

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    Pardon the ignorance,

    What action is that, holding the barrel ?


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    It is a Yost action.


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