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Thread: Lapua Midas Gold Box ammo used to be the best. What happened?

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    Lapua Midas Gold Box ammo used to be the best. What happened?

    I'm almost out of the old lot of gold-box Lapua Midas L that shoots so well in my Anschutz 1710. I'd like to replenish the ammo supply, but I really don't know where to begin.

    About 10 years ago, the top shooters used almost exclusively Gold Box Lapua Midas L or M, Finland-manufactured. At that time the lot-to-lot performance of Lapua was much more consistent than Eley. Then the Finland Lapua plant closed down and it seems that Lapua never came back to the same competitive level. These days I've heard that Eley dominates the accuracy game.

    What was it about Lapua that changed?

    Also, does the current Eley Tenex shoot as well as the old Lapua Midas Gold Box? Has the Eley lot-to-lot performance improved in recent years? Or do you still have to test many more lots of Eley to find one that shot as well as a good lot of old Lapua?

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    As I recall Lapua changed their priming compound (I think for safety reasons at their plant) and it was never quite the same. There is plenty of good Eley Tenex and Match ammo available. I think today's Eley is as good as the old Lapua. Most Eley lots shoot pretty well, some better than others, but most of it is pretty good. I have a Cooper factory sporter that loved the Lapua Gold box. I wish it was still made too.

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    Try some of the latest Lapua Center-x, Midas+ or Xact. It is as good or better than Eley.

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    My rifle (Anschutz 1913) doesn't shoot bad with Ely, it just shoots that much better with Midas +.


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