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Thread: Need a good barrel

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    Need a good barrel

    Need some advice, I will be rebarreling my XP-100 soon ( I hope ) Is LILJA a good choice? They offer a 15" barrel for about 1/2 the price as a full length. It will be a 6 BR With a tight neck, also is stainless any more acurate than crome-moly ? And the last question, does any other barrel maker offer 1/2 length blanks ? Thanks for the help.

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    Shilen used to offer shorter blanks and they may still. Stainless or Chrome-Moly, that's more of a look choice but some suppliers only make their top match barrels in stainless but that doesn't necessarily mean it's more accurate, barrels are individuals. LiLja hasn't been at the top of the match reports in centerfire for some time but that doesn't mean they are very good barrels. Sometimes it's just a trend thing. I know he was making a lot of barrels for the military at one time and that demand may have effected his availability of barrels to the BR world.


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    I have a Lilja and it a great shooter too it a ppc in 15 twist.

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    Yes LILJA is a good choice. No caveats. There are no better barrels for your application IMO.

    No SS isn't more accurate than CM.


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