Ok Al here is one you CAN laugh at.
There was this guy who came home from church one sunday morning with a black eye.
His wife looked at him and asked what in the world happened to you?
The guy replied you wont believe it but as we stood up in church to sing the first hymn there was this lady standing in front of me and her dress was stuck in the crack of her a$$.
I knew it would embarrass her if other saw it so I reached over the pew and pulled it out.
WELL the next thing I knew she hauled off and clocked me a good one.

That evening they guy comes home from church and the other eye is black.
The wife looks at him and makes the comment I see you didnt learn your lesson this morning.
He said on the contrary.
There we were in church and just coincidentally that same woman was sitting there in front of me.
So as we stood to sing the first hymn again I noticed this time that the dress wasnt in the crack this time so I just decided after seeing how mad she got this morning that maybe I should put it back up in the crack for her and..........