The American International Marksmanship Academy range in Blakely, GA is now open. On our 2300 acres, we have a variey of ranges, including, a 1000 yard range with 8 (currently) VERY solid benches. We are an hour and a half south of Columbus, GA, one hour from Dothan, AL, and about one and 3/4 hours from Tallahassee, FL.

There is a separate 200/300 yard range which will have 4 (300 yd) and 10 (200 yd) benches by Spring. Plus several more rifle and pistol ranges and a very nice Sporting Clays and 5 Stand range.

We will have a retail store and housing on site.

We have held 800 point NMC matches, Palma, and 1000 yard Prone Long Range matches (3x1000).

See our website at

Mike Foy