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Thread: Front and rear bag recomendation?

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    Front and rear bag recomendation?

    Ok I am looking at buying a front and rear bag and am not sure what to buy. the front will be going into a Cowan rest. Also what would you recomend to fill it? I have some Glass blasting medium here, would it work ?


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    You may get 6 answers with none of them the same. I like Protektor leather front and rear. I also have Edgewood cordura but they set on the shelf at home. As far as filling...your glass medium may work. Depends on how fine it is.

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    First Think DRY Sand – Most isn’t !!
    Next Think Small grains!
    Next Think NO powder!!

    I have a Bucket of sand that has sat in the garage for a year or two.
    I have some old Screen door screen that will keep out the flies & mesquites.
    I sift out the sand first getting rid of the big chunks
    THEN I sift out all the powder with a finer screen and save just the small grains.
    This is what I use to fill front & rear bags!

    Guess what there are tons of fancy sands out there but one of the best I have found is “Play Sand” used to fill kids sand boxes. Make Sense?
    Just A Thought.

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    sand bags

    ultra fabric bags in the clasified section

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