We will be holding the 2011 Ga. State IR 50/50 50 yd. 3-GUN & Unlimited matches this weekend. This will be the FIRST-EVER Ga. State Unlimited 50 yd. match. The 3-GUN will begin at 9 AM Eastern on Saturday (8-27-11). It will be followed by the traditional fish fry. Practice time will be provided immediately following the match. The Unlimited will begin at 9 AM Eastern on Sunday (8-28-11). Lunch will also be provided on Sunday. Plaques will be awarded for 1st place in all classes, and 1st-3rd in the Aggs. Certificates will be awarded for 2nd-3rd in the individual classes. The entry fee is $30 per day. Who will win the 2011 Catfish Shoot?.......Mike Cameron is shooting very well here.......or will the tilte go out of state?.......Richard Shorter recently shot his first 250, then followed it with another 250...will he and his old wooden stocked Suhl rise up and take the Unlimited?.......or will have a repeat winner from the past?