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Thread: Slip On Recoil Pad for benchrest rifle

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    Slip On Recoil Pad for benchrest rifle

    I have been using a loose fitting slip on recoil pad on my LV bench gun. After talking to Greg at Kelbleys about the problems with adding lead shot to a stock I am wondering if the recoil pad could be causing accuracy problems. Greg mentioned that if the shot is moving around even a little it will cause accuracy problems. Anyone have an opinon on the recoil pads.



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    Whenever I added lead to a stock, I bored a hole and mixed lead shot with epoxy and poured it in. It don't move that way.

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    I have been using the Past recoil pad for the past two years and have done fairly OK (not well, not bad...OK) with it. There is a loss of touch with the shoulder mounted recoil pad that I have found necessary to shoot at peak performance at least with my gun. I have a definite flinch when shooting my 30br and I am considering a thick kick-eeze recoil pad that I saw down in Maryland. I found that "driving" with the shoulder (light touch that allows the shoulder to "catch" the gun) yields best results, but I haven't been able to get past the flinch to abandon the pad. I tried pinning my rifle and had some good results with it at 200yds. I don't know why, but at 100yds I couldn't get it to give me consistent POI so I went back to free recoil with the shoulder pad in place. Need more practice!! This is all score shooting if that makes a difference.
    After using the past pad for the past two seasons i can say that it takes a level of practice to get your technique down to compensate for the space needed to shoot free recoil. I have a very specific bench position and procedure during recoil that I must follow or else I will bump the rifle. If the condition changes and I must wait, I always make sure that I haven't crept up on the rifle and always make sure I am as square to the gun as possible.
    Hope this helps.

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    I drilled 2 holes in a 2x8 and cast lead to fit the holes in my stock. They were a tap in fit. Capped it with an aluminum but plate. Rubber recoil pads can grab the shoulder when shooting free recoil and send a shot off target.

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    Nosh try this. I see people use them. This also won't increase the weight if your rifle gets weighed for competition.
    I don't think, I should say who wears them. But, they are good shooters. So it must work.

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