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Thread: Savage Benchrest Model 308

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    Savage Benchrest Model 308

    I would like thoughts on the Savage Benchrest Model in 308 caliber. Just a few months ago I purchased a Savage Palma rifle (I liked the adjustable stock) to shoot in 600 yard factory class benchrest matches. I participated in my first one recently and quickly discovered the torque of the 308 in conjunction with the varmint width forearm allowed the gun to jump around to much in the bags - after each shot it ended up on the next target. It took considerable movement of the gun to get it back on target - not conducive to good groups. I am looking at selling it after only 120 rounds to purchase (I think) the benchrest model dual port in 308 with 3 inch wide forearm.

    Opinions on the benchrest model are appreciated.

    Thank you much.

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    I don't think there will be much you can do to stop a standard-loaded .308 from jumping around in the bags. I shoot one that weighs in just under 17 pounds in F/TR & occasionally for the heck of it 1000 yard benchrest & it isn't gentle. Rather than drop the cash by selling it now, why not fit one of those 3" plate attachments to it & see if it makes it ride the bag any better?

    As far as managing the calibre in a palma weight rifle goes, I've found that it helps to really rough the rifle into the bags before you start. It seemed to me that a lot of the issues was slack in the system. It also helped me to educate my trigger hand so I could take some recoil on the ball of my thumb where it joins the wrist & back off the shoulder a tad.


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    IMO the biggest problem with the Savage target guns is the overall height of the forearm to bore. The greater the distance from the front bag to centerline of the bore the more torque your going to see. The BR model is no exception.

    I bought one of these "used"

    Drops the bore down considerably and offset also. Took out a great deal of gun movement. Rifle recoils straight back now without trying to turn upside down=)
    That being said I'm not sure I'd recommend trying to buy one from SSS. Could wait a very very long time. Use your own discretion.
    Maybe try to find a similar setup elsewhere. Or used like I did.

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