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Thread: Were there ever Hart barrels on factory 40X's???

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    Were there ever Hart barrels on factory 40X's???

    I know that Mike Walker developed the button rifling process and let Hart have the right to use it. I have seen numerous references to 40x factory rifles with HART barrels. Is this fact or urban legend? If there are examples of this, how are the barrels marked? Thanks, James Mock

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    No. The misconception stems from a proof mark that looked like a "heart" but a definite NO.

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    Smith is correct. The confusion is on the proof Marks Mike Walker and Cyde Hart were very good friends.
    Both used the same process to make barrels. JIm Stekl used Hart Barrels on his winning rifles.
    Maybe thats were some of the confusion came in. Remington barrels had a Hart and a Small Diamond on their barrels
    If Hart put the barrel on it would have CR & PJ Hart stamped on it with the caliber.
    Or RW Hart and sons and caliber if Bob and Walley put the barrel on. The barrels only had Letters and numbers on the breach with the serial number for inventory and tax purposes

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