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Thread: 260 Remington, Brass and Barrel Life

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    260 Remington, Brass and Barrel Life

    I am planning to build a 260 Remington for 1000 yard shooting. The biggest questions I have heard raised are first: Will the brass flow forward more than the 260AI because the the 260 Rem shoulder angle is only 20 degrees? I will be using Lapua 308 Palma brass. Secondly will throat erosion be increased over the 260 AI because the the 260 has a 20 degree shoulder angle?

    I have thought about the whole thing. I know the 260AI is loaded with a bit more powder and is therefore a bit hotter than the 260. This would seem to offset the above questions. To me the whole argument would seem to be a wash. Is there any evidence to the contrary?

    Jeffrey Tooker

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    My first 260 barrel lasted 4600 rounds before dying in a most violent manner (in a match). It had some heat cracking in as little as 1500 rounds.
    My 260AI had 2200+ when it was sold and looked very close to new, no cracking. I don't know if it really would have went longer than the 260, but it sure looked like it would. Then again, those were two different barrels.

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