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Thread: Capital City Pictures 8-21-2010

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    Capital City Pictures 8-21-2010

    John Picher,
    Thanks again for running the shoots at Capital City. Results will be posted on the web site.
    Gary Hamilton 249 16 X 1st
    Klayton Hayes 249 15 X 2 nd
    Paul Bendix 249 12 X 3 rd
    Paul Bendix 250 20 X 1 st
    Gary Hamilton 248 13 X 2 nd
    Mike Luce 247 14 X 3 rd
    Gary Hamilton 250 14 X 1 st
    Mike Luce 249 15 X 2 nd
    John Picher 248 9X 3 rd
    Total Agg
    Gary Hamilton 747 43 X 1 st
    Paul Bendix 746 47 X 2 nd
    John Picher 742 38 X 3 rd

    Club Championship (need to be a club member)
    Gary Hamilton 747 43 X 1st
    John Picher 742 38 X 2 nd
    Mike Luce 737 38 X 3 rd
    Klayton Hayes 737 36 X 4 th

    Picture L-R Gary, John, Klayton, Mike

    Picture of range, John scoring targets
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    Paul: Thanks for posting the scores and pictures.

    The season has ended at Capitol City, ME, and it's been our best-attended season. There have been lots of 250s shot, including two at this match. It's so difficult to shoot well here, due to the "bowl" effect, but Gary Hamilton and Paul both did it Saturday.

    Conditions were pretty good, right up to the "Guns to the Line" command, then wind started up and mirage got bad, especially on the Westerly side. The second target on Relay 2 was no picnic, at least for me on bench #2, but it got a bit better for the third target on Bench #5.

    Congrats to Dave Hamilton for his Club Championship and to Paul Bendix for his fine shooting. Mike Luce shot Paul's rifle/rest/ammo for the last two targets and did well enough with it to win Third place - Club Champ. Fine equipment makes for mighty fine shooting.

    There's plenty of room for more shooters. I'd like to see more non-sanctioned Plinker shooters take up the sport, then move up to shoot Unlimited if/when they decide it's time. Plinker rifles are factory sporters with a few tweaks, but not the expensive "sanctioned Sporter-Class" rifles. I guess you can call it "Bench-light".


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    Congratulations to all -- Paul thanks for the photos and congrats on the 250/20 -- Wow!


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    Thumbs up

    Congratulations to all the winners and grinners at Capital City. You Maineiacs have done well this year!

    Penny and I will have to get some practicing in to get ready for Paul's return from Maine, 250 20X! Great shooting Paul.


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    Congratulations on a fine year of shooting to all those who shot at Capital City. I have to say that scores in general sure have improved since I use to make trek up there, something I'm hoping to do again in the near future.

    John, you've done well over the years not only in running the matches and attracting new shooters, but in improving your own scores. You are to eb commended.


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