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Thread: BARREL TUNERS for the "NEWBIE"...

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    BARREL TUNERS for the "NEWBIE"...

    I don't think anyone is more skeptical than me. If you say something works i have to see proof and see it more than once.

    My experience with tuners show they work! I bought a Harrel Style from Dan Killough for a rimfire bench gun i built. At first i added it and just spun the "dial" on the tuner in and out and really didn't see too much help with group size. Probably took maybe 5 or 6 boxes and a few times working with the tuner and then one day -wham there it was i hit the sweet spot and the groups shrunk.

    Once you work with a tuner, maybe a brick and everything will make a lot more sense and a lot more easy to recognize results. Wolf or SK works just fine for testing to. Once the tuner is set with the SK standard Plus just a couple of clicks and the Eley 10x was dead on!

    If your rimfire rifle is "stringing shots" vertically in other words stacking one bullet on top of the other a tuner will take the stringing out! I will also eliminate horizontal stringing. I have had a tuner on 4 different bbls and improved groups considerably for each!

    The Hoen or Harrel tuner $150 bucks(same tuner with 2 names)comes with a .750 bore. Extra $15 will get it bored to fit your rifle bbl diameter. I'm not associated in any way with the tuner maker or seller, don't know either. I do buy from Dan Killough a super guy to do business with.

    Even the guys with the $300 match grade barrels use them in rimfire competition. At first i didn't believe it, i'm that skeptical, but they do work and work wonders for accuracy.

    I bought a beater Rem '37 about 1940 off of GB for the action. The bbl had been cut down and it shot decent 5 shot groups about .350 -.500 groups at 50 yards. Before i take the bbl off i thought i would try and bbl tuner and see if it could help a factory rifle.

    I got the tuner from Dan and today i started working on finding the sweet spot. I cleaned the bbl really nice to start the testing. I added a 88 gram weight that i had laying there - it worked for another project so why not.

    I worked the target @ 50 yards from the bottom up, -left to right. You can see my fouler shots at the very bottom. I spun the tuner all the way back to "0" clicks and fired 3, three shot groups, row 1 at the bottom.

    Next row 2, i went to "100" clicks out -fired a couple of 3 shot groups. Row 3 more 3 shot groups, row 4 was 3 more 3 shot groups.... If you notice i'm getting a flyer almost with ever 3 shot group. I'm using SK Stand Plus, $45 a brick.

    Now check the top row, row 5, the tuner is now out to "400 clicks".. i have made absolutely no other changes, ammo is still SK from the same box. the only change was roll the tuner out from 300 clicks to "400" clicks. The flyer is gone i shot all five targets in row 5, 3 shot groups - the very last target one did jump out a bit but the 4th shot was right back in the group. For SK standard @ 50 yards thats pretty dang good.

    Now to find the sweet spot. Each revolution is 25 clicks - there is 100 clicks from "300" to "400" or 4 complete revolutions between "100's". I will go 25 clicks either side of 400, look at the results - come back half way either side.. somewhere along in there it will shoot it's best.. yes 2 or 3 or 4 clicks will make a difference!

    I'm not here to sell tuners but for you guys wanting the best accuracy you can get, i don't think nothing can beat a tuner.. but thats just me. I wanted to share what i have found just encase anyone wants something for $150 bucks that will improve the way your rimfire shoots.

    Click the pic for a lot larger image... joe


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    That's a good write up Joe..

    I did the same thing with my 10/22. I wanted to see how accurate I could get the lowly 10/22. I only had 50 rounds of Black eps that I know shoots as good as it going to get with a 10/22, and that was 1/2 groups at 50 without a tuner.

    When I stuck on the tuner, I started at 0 and fired two shots and it went wild on me, I kept on doing this until I got to 200 clicks and it started to get really good, so I went up 10 more clicks and I was in the sweet spot making .2 groups..

    So I got so geeked up that I took it to 100 yards, and at 100 yards I was able to hit the NBRSA moth ball most of the time.. I think I had 5 targets down there. Then I ran out of ammo.

    I have never done that good at 100 yards in my life. I would usually get it in there somewhere at 1 1/4. I thought that was just Awesome.

    So I was just like you .. I didn't really believe it until I tried it. Now I cant wait to find some more good ammo to get it tuned the right way..

    So my conclusion is that a tuner will help any rimfire shoot better than it did before, with good ammo.

    This makes me want a real Rimfire BR rig now.. buts that's not in the cards yet.

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