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Thread: Correct sights for a Remington 540X?

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    Correct sights for a Remington 540XR?

    Recently got this Remington 540XR.

    It came with a Williams sight. Is that correct? If not, can anyone advise what would be correct?

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    Not sure if its the same or not, I bought a 540X and put a Lyman MJT 90 on it. Mine didnt have one on it at all and Mac at MT Guns said the original sight that came on them was as good as the Lyman. Dont know for sure.

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    That particular model is a 540XR, When I got mine it came with Redfield 75 rear and a Redfield globe front, as I got it used back in the late 70's I can not say as they were original.

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    The correct sights for that model are indeed, the Redfield #75 micrometer rear sight, and the Redfield #63 globe front sight.

    If you would like a photocopy of the original factory exploded view and parts list for the rifle....send me an E-mail with any mail address where you will be sure to receive the copy, and I'll be glad to mail you one.

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