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    Question Mauser question

    What is the difference between a Mauser 96 and a Mauser 98 action. Do either of these actions make a good platform for an accurate (1/2" moa)custom rifle ? Is the barrel threaded into the receiver? Is either action still manufactured?

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    The 96 is both smaller in diameter and slightly shorter than the 98. Yes it is possible to build a nice rifle on either, but you will be somewhat limited on pressure and velocity from the 96. For a semi benchrest gun, I'd go with a Remington 700. Scruffy ones should show up in the used racks soon now that hunting season is over in most places. I picked up a 30-06 recently for $250. Never cleaned and finish worn, but the action will be a start for something.
    For all out BR, go ahead and buy a true benchrest action. May take longer and cost more, but it will be worth it.

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    There are commercial Mauser actions made that don't require a lot of work to turn them into decent hunting rifles. Unfortunately they cost as much or more than other actions that for accuracy are at least as good or better. If you want a half MOA rifle it's easier to start with a Remington or Savage action unless you're prepared to spend the money on a Mauser for the gunsmithing work that would be required. Converting a military Mauser into a custom rifle mostly isn't warranted due to the expense of the work and parts needed.

    Anymore a half MOA rifle for a live varmint rifle isn't that difficult to obtain. A half MOA hunting rifle is harder to obtain (recoil seems to cause a lot of shooters accuracy problems, he says knowingly), and not really necessary.

    Reducing group size below a half MOA is progressively more difficult and expensive, and gets into the realm of custom actions and experienced accuracy smiths.

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    98's have been made with small as well as large ring diameters. They've also been made in short, intermediate and long length's. Pre 98's (93's, 95's and 96's) are small rings with minor differences between them. 98's are thought to be the stronger of the Mausers, and therefore most customs are made on them. Of course there are thousands of custom 96's out there as well. Anyhow, Zastava is still producing commercial 98's, supposedly they will be available again in the US very soon. I agree though with the other posters that a 700 or a custom 700 clone would be the way to go on an accuracy minded build...

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    Cool Here ya go.........................

    There's THIS....

    And, this......

    You can probably get a good receiver from either of these domestic makers.

    (I'd have to hold onto my hiney w/BOTH hands)
    But, just as in BR, accuracy is possible in Mausers; but there seems to be a bit more of a technical approach to the Mauser concerning the proper feeding of different cartridges. Magazines are cartridge specific in many cases. I just put these two sites here to give you some idea as to what was possible. And, I know I like to look at some FINE rifles, too......

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