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Thread: .264 lbc

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    .264 lbc

    Anyone have any info on the .264 Les Baer Chambering?

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    6mmBR site

    Has a posting on it.It is said to work in exsisting 6.5 Grendle rifles, so I don't know what changes could've been made.

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    264 LBC,65 Grendel,6.5 PPC Bren

    They are all varients of the same system. All brass should shoot the same ( Lapua is the king here but seems to be getting out of the game)

    The 264 has a single throat axis to fit the 123 Hornady AMAX. Some of the AA guns have a double angle throat to shoot all bullet weights.

    The PPC case works best with the 100-110 gr bullets as they have the best velocity/BC for the powder use.

    The 120-123's have a better BC but intrude too far into the case for best performance.

    PPC's are a bit easy to run hot and have the pressures bite you so be very careful using load data.

    IF Hornady maxes out at 2520 with super peformance powders then we need to question the 2600 load data that is published.

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    The 264 LBC-AR chamber has a .295 neck like the 6.5 CSS has been using for 6 years. The difference between the two is the 264 LBC-AR uses a 1 degree throat while the 6.5 CSS uses a compound angle throat.

    In contrast, the "6.5 Grendel" from Alexander Arms has a .300" neck chamber with a compound angle throat.

    Loaded rounds have a .291 neck diameter.

    Attached is the chamber print for the 264 LBC-AR

    If you are wanting to do a high precision bolt gun, use the 6.5 PPCX reamer from PTG,,, it has a .292 neck and use a 1 degree throating reamer to dial into to your intended purpose. For 81-90 grain flat base bullets use, a 14 twist barrel works great. For bullets like the 108 Lapua Scenar, go with an 8.5 twist. In bolt guns,, VV N133 works great with the 81.5's and the 108 Scenar. 81.5 grains like more neck tension than the 108's
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