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Thread: Holton results

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    Holton results

    I am wondering how Holton treated everyone this weekend. Any results?

    Matt Guthrie.

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    The range won at the Michigan State Group championship: everyone else simply survived

    55 shooters. Varying range conditions.

    LV 100:
    Steve Robbins .1938
    Ted Heindselman .2248
    Larry Gage .2262

    LV 200:
    Pat Canning .3061
    Joe Freeman .3062
    Dan Groleau .3152

    LV Grand:
    Joe Freeman .2751
    Pat Canning .2839
    Geary Koglin .2850

    HV 100:
    Pat Canning .2202
    Rob MacLennan .2512
    Larry Feusse .2526

    HV 200:
    Jim Hutchison .2183
    Greg Reed .2220
    Steve Robbins .2226

    HV Grand:
    Jim Hutchison .2416
    Joe Krupa .2543
    Greg Reed .2633


    Joe Krupa .2781
    Dan Groleau .2836
    Lowell Hottenstein .2838
    Greg Reed .2868
    Pat Canning .2874
    Geary Koglin .3015
    Lee Hachigian .3021
    Kenny Hottenstein .3054
    Joe Freeman .3074
    DeWayne Wood .3115

    As I said, the range won and a few of us were left standing.
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    NBRSA Michigan State Championship...

    ...CONGRATS, Joe!...

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    Thanks for the reply Joe. Congrats on a fine win. That can't be easy when you see a list of names like that right below yours. There is some real talent there.

    Matt Guthrie

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    When the going gets tough ?

    The tough go get ice cream ? uhh, the tough take a nice hot shower? umm, the tough sprinkle themselves with Adolph's meat tenderizer ? erraugh, The tough congregate at some distant rifle range in Central Michigan and attempt to defy "mother nature" !
    Remember ,"what dosn't kill us only makes us wish we were dead".
    Ay Caramba !
    Congratulations to Joe "K" and the top 10

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    My first trip to Holton.
    Started Friday. Go to Camp Perry. It's closed. The list on the CMP website was for the locksmith. Camp Perry started next, Monday.
    3 hrs wasted. Could have been in Holton by lunch.
    Get there in time, for the range to close. For flag setting.
    Find out I am sharing a bench with Dominic Grunias. Very
    Dom has new wind flags.
    Sat. 0330 Severe T-Storm rolls through area.
    Get back to range. See some familiar faces.
    See Joe and Lee(I wonder. Is this, the same Lee, in the PS mag.????). Joe wants to set flags. Lee says your on your own(sorta). There is a little sprinkle.
    0730-0800 somewhere there. Sunshine. Everyone happy.
    Except Joe.
    Turned out to be a wonderful weekend.
    Sunday was absolutely beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky.
    Great trip.
    Holton has to be the best Camp ground in MI. Oh, and it just happens to have a real nice gun range.
    Wish I had a camper.

    Oh, yea.
    Good shooting Joe.
    And everyone.

    And the New Guy, would like to say. Thank you.
    Too many nice people to name.
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