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Thread: First half of the New Mexico State 4-gun is in the books

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    First half of the New Mexico State 4-gun is in the books

    Saturday was cold, rainy and in general, the pitts. Setting flags in the mud left by Friday nite's 1.75" rain was no fun, but we needed the moisture.
    UL 100 was won by Todd "Catfish" Tyler with a .2250 and 2nd was Lowell Frei with a .2286
    200yds was again Tyler with a .2799 and Charles Huckeba took 2nd with a .2842 Lowell Frei shot an incredible .199 range measured group for small group.
    UL grand was Todd "catfish" Tyler with a .2524 and second was Rodney Brown with a .2580
    Heavy Varmint was contested for those of us without rail guns, Or those who feared the competition.
    HV100 was won by Norm Wills with a .1758 (including a .088 small group) and second place was Jim Erickson with a .2064
    HV200 saw Jim Erickson avenge himself with a .2659 and BroD (Durward Woffard) took second with a .2987
    Jim Erickson took the HV grand with a .2371, and Clay Cooksy took second with a .2822
    Sunday we shot sporter and there was not a cloud in the sky, but the typical switchy conditions brought much weeping and knashing of teeth.
    Larry Baggett was on some kind of drugs and won the 100 with a .2208 Followed by Todd Tyler with a .2388 Sporter 200 again saw Baggett in 1st with a .2499 and Tyler 2nd with a .2565
    Sporter grand was Baggett at .2353 and Tyler with a .2476
    The UL/Sporter ended up Todd Tyler at .2501 and Larry Baggett at .2734
    I think it's time for Todd "Catfish" Tyler to change to Todd "Shark" Tyler.
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    Todd congrats thats some good shooting

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    hopefully at a match somewhere in the southwest region
    Congrats guys. Sounds like some tough competition.

    Jim must bring the rain with him. This makes three of four matches in a row he's shot wet right Jim?

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