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Thread: Stockade Gun Stocks?

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    Stockade Gun Stocks?

    Someone here at Benchrest Central mentioned Stockade Gun Stocks.

    I looked them up and talked to them and was wondering what you think of them. They also build complete rifles. Has anyone had them build one for them and were you pleased with the finished rifle?

    I am interested in their Prairie Dog Special/Tactical stock which I was told weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. I do like the idea of the light stock and the price.

    They also told me that the turn around time for the stock is 16 weeks. I have received all the components to start the process in 5 weeks and now will have to wait until the end of the summer to shoot it. What a bummer.

    Any other suggestions?


    PS: I have a 30" finished (thinking to cut it to 28") Brux 4 goove 1 in 8" twist barrel for 6mm Norma BR and a new duel port Savage target action with their 6 oz. target trigger. The barrel is a #17 taper heavy varmint weight.
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    Keven and Janet Rayhill at Stockade

    Kevin and Janet are nice folks. Their stocks are as good as one can get for a Savage for the price. I have a number of very satisfied customers using them.

    They require some work to finish. They can be used in the rough but they can be finished very nicely too.

    Nat Lambeth

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    Stockade gunstocks

    I have two of their "Long range BR" stocks. The stocks are great for the price, I bought mine 2-3 years ago (I'm typing this without looking at the current pricing). One I bought in the primered version, sanded and painted it myself.

    The other one, I sent Kevin a Savage short action and received a fully built, painted rifle in 5 weeks. Yes, you read that right...5 weeks. It's a 6BR with a 28" Benchmark barrel. Again, that was 2-3 years ago though, he's probably a little busier now.

    You could always order the stock you want, while you're waiting for it, see what he has in stock (I think Lock, Stock & Barrel used to carry his stuff too) and buy an "out of the mold" or "primered" BR stock to save some money. Clean up that stock now, shoot the rifle to get your load development underway and then sell the stock when you get what you want. Check the ads over at to see if it looks like you'd have any trouble selling it, or even post a WTB ad. I'd blow $50-60 (loss for a quick sale) for a summer of shooting, YMMV.


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