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Thread: Results, Wawarsing, NY IR 50/50, 5/23/09

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    Results, Wawarsing, NY IR 50/50, 5/23/09

    Today we held our first 50/50 match of the year at Wawarsing. I would like to thank all those who helped with setting up, scoring, cooking and cleaning up, Thank you very much. We had 9 shooters shoot the 3 gun and 8 shooters shoot the unlimited. Congratulations to Marty Colombo on shooting the only 250 today.

    Gordon Eck, 246-13X
    Mel Eck, 242-4X (Quarter)
    Marty Colombo, 240-8X
    Bob Bain, 239-5X
    Bill Buskey, 236-7X
    Pete Roberson, 232-6X
    Bob Griffin, 222-1X

    10 1/2 Pound:
    Marty Colombo, 250-16X
    Bill Buskey, 249-14X
    Gordon Eck, 249-13X
    Pete Roberson 249-12X
    Bob Bain, 248-16X
    Bob Griffin, 248-10X
    Mel Eck, 247-14X
    John Yanosey, 245-7X
    Ken Alfredo, 243-13X

    13 1/2 Pound
    Bob Griffin,249-12X
    Mel Eck,249-10X (Quarter)
    Bob Bain,249-9X
    Gordon Eck,248-16X-FM18
    Bill Buskey, 248-16X-FM15
    Pete Roberson, 247-8X
    Marty Colombo, 246-14X
    John Yanosey, 246-11X
    Ken Alfredo, 245-11X

    Unlimited- 1
    Bob Bain,248-15X
    Ken Alfredo, 245-12X
    Gordon Eck,245-10X
    John Yanosey, 244-14X
    Bob Griffin,244-8X
    Mel Eck,243-10X Sporter
    Pete Roberson, 242-11X
    Jack Ponsolle, 239-3X

    Unlimited- 2
    Gordon Eck,248-17X
    Bob Griffin,247-14X-FM-14
    Bob Bain,247-14X-FM13
    Ken Alfredo, 247-14X-FM-8
    John Yanosey, 247-10X
    Mel Eck,244-9X Sporter
    Pete Roberson, 238-8X
    Jack Ponsolle, 236-4X

    Unlimited- 3
    Bob Griffin,249-9X
    Bob Bain,248-13X
    Ken Alfredo, 247-11X
    John Yanosey, 247-6X
    Gordon Eck,246-15X
    Mel Eck,246-7X Sporter
    Pete Roberson, 245-8X
    Jack Ponsolle, 240-10X
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    Thanks for running the shoot Bob. Had a great time.

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    thanks for running the match Bob, as always I had a great time. looking foward to the next one! see you soon.

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