Hello All,

I am a new member to this forum and a new sport shooter. One of my buddies invited me to shoot .22 BR with him and now im hooked.

We shoot "Barnyard": @ 50yrds
>American Made Gun
>American Made Ammo less than $5.00/50
>Gun must bluebook under $500 at 90%
>6.5max power scope
>2pc rests only! no solid rests

I won a Remington 597 TVP last fall and decided this would be a good opportunity to put it to the test. But, the test seems to be failing horribly. I know im not the most accurate of a shot but ive never had a problem like this with any other .22.

This is my set up.

Remington 597 TVP
Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x 40
Calwell Rock BR Front Rest
Bag Rear Rest

Several Ammo types including:

Federal Spitfire
CCI Velocitor
Federal Gold Medal 711B
Winchester T22 **best 5 shot groups at about 1.5" @ 25yrds.

Im not sure if this is a problem with me or a problem with the gun.

Im shooting this to have fun with the guys, but i want to be a little competetive too. I shot a 42 and 38 last weekend, after my scope mounts loosened up to nearly falling off without me noticing. But that is no excuse. I went out tonight and had the same results.

Im just looking for someone to point me in the right direction.

Thanks Everyone for your Knowledge