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Thread: Bluebonnet Results

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    Bluebonnet Results

    We had a great match down in New Braunfels this weekend. The weather cooperated except for our typical Dietz wind. I would like to thank everyone for making this such a successful shoot. We had three relays with 53 shooters completing the 2 gun. I will mention that Jackie pulled out the 30BR at 100 yards and went to work. Of course Jackie was driving.....

    Friday evening Sammye Dietz layed out a great spread with food and beverages everywhere. Arnold Jewell provided the entertainment. We think this was the highlight of the shoot

    Here is how it played out.

    Sporter 100

    Gene Bukys .2458
    Mike Conry .2498
    Charles Huckeba .2516
    Gene Beggs .2732
    Jackie Schmidt .2828

    Sporter 200

    Mike Conry .2569
    Jerry Hensler .2759
    Charles Huckeba .2811
    Jackie Schmidt .3010
    Larry Baggett .3238

    Sporter Grand

    Mike Conry .2533
    Charles Huckeba .2664
    Gene Bukys .2889
    Jackie Schmidt .2919
    Jerry Hensler .3025

    Light 100

    Vic Smith .1978
    Gary Walters .2372
    Gene Bukys .2390
    Jackie Schmidt .2588
    Larry Baggett .2604

    Light 200

    Mike Conry .2425
    Charles Huckeba .2445
    Jackie Schmidt .2603
    Rabon Stewart .2686
    Larry Baggett .2703

    Light Grand

    Vic Smith .2440
    Charles Huckeba .2539
    Jackie Schmidt .2596
    Larry Baggett .2654
    Gene Bukys .2688

    2-Gun SP/LV

    Sir Charles Huckeba .2601
    Mike Conry .2695
    Jackie Schmidt .2757
    Gene Bukys .2788
    Larry Baggett .2991
    John Horn .3018
    Vic Smith .3067
    Jay Lynn Gore .3185
    Gary Walters .3223
    Leon Gass .3350

    I would also like to thank our Boy Scouts for doing a great job on target detail. If I must say so my daughter did a great job running the computer for the weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed the match.

    Kris Whitman

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    Thanks To The Central Texas Benchrest Shooters!!

    Kris, that was one fine run match. The target crew was phenominol. Three minutes to change targets is very impressive.

    Thanks to all in your club who work to put on The Bluebonnet.

    Congratulations to Charles for another hard fought win, and to all of the shooters, not only those who were fortunate enough tompick up a trophy, but all who love Benchrest enough to come out and compete.

    I did shoot my 30BR in the 100 yard legs, I was too chicken to shoot it at 200, heck, It's my first Group Match with it.

    While I did hold my own with it, and shoot good enough aggs to keep me high in the Two Gun race, I must admitt that it kicks the cr-p out of me. I free recoil shoot, and that thing in 10.5 pound smacks you pretty good.

    But, if you do your part, it will stack one bullet on top of another. My two best groups with it were a .172 in Sporter, and a .162 in LV.

    Congratulations to my good friend Vic Smith, for his fine win in both the LV 100 and the LV Grand. That was a tough crowd, and he showed that dedication and determination do pay off. Good Job, Vic.........jackie

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    Congrats to all the winners..

    The Bluebonnet is always a great shoot, sounds like this one was no different.

    Charles is shooting well and congratulations on his 2 gun win... Also congrats to his traveling partner, Mike, for being 2nd in the 2 gun.. They must have had that truck full of trophies!

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    Well Run Match

    Kris, I would like to second Jackie's comment about your well run match. It was well organized and smoothly run. The way the match was called was second to none.
    Congratulations are in order for all who won. They had to fight to win in that crowd and when they did win, they deserved it.

    Darryl and I had a blast. The fact that he won a patch at his second registered match was icing on the cake. Course he may be a little hard to get along with now. :>)

    Joe Duke

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    congrats to all the winners. looks like a good time for sure!

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    Thanks Jackie and Joe for the kind words...

    It is a lot of work to put on a registered shoot and no one person can make it happen. We had a lot of help from our club members to get it done. Jerry Hensler always sets up the computer and my daughter runs it. Malford Jost, Arnold Jewell, and myself made new moving backer frames with fresh pockets. Arnold Jewell and I modified our backer cables so we can do a better job timing (lining up) our backers with the frames. Of course those Boy Scouts. What can I say about that bunch....they were awesome. These are the thankless jobs that most people never think about. I appreciate the kind words and will pass it on to everyone involved.

    Joe we really enjoyed meeting and shooting with Darryl. Arnold and I had the pleasure of loading and shooting with Darryl at the Crawfish. He is one fine young man. We had more fun with him these past two shoots. I hope Arnold didn't ruin that boy.

    For those who have never met Darryl Duke he is a new shooter and shot in his first registered match at Tomball a few weeks ago. We convinced him to come to New Braunfels and shoot with us. He was fortunate enough to have Sir Charles Huckeba work with him during this match getting his gun tuned up. Now what is that worth? It is people like Charles giving his time to a young shooter that makes this sport great. I know Darryl was extremely proud to have won that patch. That Darryl Duke is going to be one tough competitor.

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    The true icing on the cake...

    I would like to thank everyone for their help this weekend. Leon Gass, my dad, Mike Conry and of course Charles Huckeba. I had a great time this weekend, work scheduling permitting I'll be at the next shoot for sure. But as you can see in the pics this was the true icing on the cake this weekend. I drove 189 miles for that dollar!!!!
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    Thank you too Jackie...

    I forgot to thank one more person last night and without his help I wouldn't have been able to finish. Bullets primers and cases don't do you much good without powder. Thank you very much Jackie Schmidt. My dad and I decided at the last minute to go to the Bluebonnet and were ill prepared. When we discovered we didn't have enough powder to finish and approached Jackie to purchase a pound he wouldn't accept any money, just said "go help yourself, it's over at my cleaning table". Thats what makes this sport so much fun. Any time you have a problem there are any number of people that can and do help you. I heard one guy offer another his gun when he thought someone was in trouble.

    Leon Gass even stayed late with us Saturday evening after the match was over to work up a new load with his bullets while everyone else went out to eat. In any other sport you would be left your own devices to learn and succeed or fail. But in benchrest everyone, including the top shooters in the sport, helps each other. I love this sport!!!
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    Thumbs up A Big Thank You Goes Out To

    Howard and Sammy Dietz, Kris Whitman, Jerry Hensler, Virg, and the scouts for a job well done!!!

    Congrats to Sir Charles Huckeba for another well deserved 2 Gun victory!!!


    Thanks for the kind words. At this time I would like to thank You, Johnny Jones, and
    Gary Walters for all your help. It is very much apprieciated.

    Hope to see you all next year at the 2010 Bluebonnet.


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    Way to go Vic1....and everybody else......I spent the wekend watching my windflags in the backyard......

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    The Pictures Of The Dietz Range

    Those pictures do not quite capture the "patina" of the Dietz Range. It looks much to pristine in all of them.

    The rocks, the various plant life with thorns that will flatten a truck tire, big piles of cow dung, not to mention the cows themselves that wonder through at night and "eat" winflags that were not taken up as a precaution.

    But heck, all of that adds a certain color to the entire package. It would not be "Dietzeville" if it looked like St. Louis........jackie

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    this is the only picture I took

    at the Blue Bonnet, and it also descibes how I shot
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    This picture shows a bit of "Patina". I wore shorts and have the scratches to prove it!

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