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Thread: In Georgia this is legal to hunt hogs.

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    In Georgia this is legal to hunt hogs.

    Is this legal in all states? A great way to slow down the hog explosion.


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    Slightly Off-Topic, but Related

    Looks interesting! As does Spokane, WA's approach to controlling the ground squirrel population at the city's arboretum:

    "Freeze gopher!" - C. Spackler
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    It works on chucks too...

    I saw a disgruntled farmer shoving the hoses from his oxy-acetylene welder down a chuck hole and touching off the mixture. Man, was that ever impressive! I'm not sure how many chucks he killed, but I bet they had a hell of a headache if they survived.

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    Ok in TX too....we normally wait for full moons and I use a nightforce on my AR. Works great but would love on of the nv set ups. Just need more throw down $$$$.

    There are some good vids on youtube where the camera is mounted in the scope to see the hits. Cool stuff.


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    Cool While the explosion may be a.........

    consideration, I think what it also does is to use up the oxygen, collapsing the lungs as well, humanely...... Why don't they tell everybody they're "exploding" the squirrels while shooters are joyfully knocking them out of the trees; plus, you could plan a bank robbery, & nobody'd get suspicious, "Yeah, they're just blasting some squirrels downa street, nothin' t'worry about."

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    I like to visit the Rodenator web site and look at their videos,

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    A few months ago, a fellow came into the local gun store and purchased a Remington R-25 which is chambered in 308. The guys at the gun store then reached under the counter and came out with a case containing a Gen. 4 nite vision scope to mount on it.

    The guy said he was a farmer and had a hog problem. He dropped $5,000 to deal with it. Bet he wished he knew of those guys.

    And yes, this was in Georgia.

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    I have a few of the PVS-14 gen 3+ units (technically there is no gen 4). They are amazing at night, especially using the pair I have mounted together as binoculars. However, thermal vision is on a whole different level, and makes these things look like crap when you are talking about identifying a distant target at night. I would LOVE to own one of those units, but I believe they are about $13,000 new!

    That's just too many guns to trade for 1 scope.

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    Here's a good one, learned this in Texas.

    Ants will pick up smokeless powder and take it back to the nest, because it's cellulose and nitrogen -- super ant food! So, you wait until the "powder spill" is cleaned up by the ants, and then touch off the nest . . . Nice to have some cannon fuse for this.


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