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Thread: RWS Diana 34 questions.

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    Smile RWS Diana 34 questions.

    Hi Gang:

    Ii was given this gun and I need to know a few things about it to get the best performance from this toy. I imagine that they are to adjust the pull and over travel.
    which way does turn these screws to adjust for less pull and over travel.

    What scope should I buy for this gun? The gun now has a Beeman 4X15 that is very dark and has a large amount of parralax at 20 feet.

    What pellet would be the most accurate in this gun? I am using the Crossman Copperheads now and am getting 3/8" groups off the wife's ironing board.

    All of my groups are strung vertically with no horizonal at all. What is causing this?

    Any information will be welcomed.



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    Someone will come along with the trigger adjustments, but I wouldn't mess with them until then because unlike a firearm, a spring piston trigger holds back a tremendous amount of force, and an unexpected release can be very dangerous. As far as scopes, you will need one rated for spring piston rifles, the double recoil will trash most types of other scopes. For pellets, generally the round nosed, mid weight will give the best all round performance, the Crosman Premere Lite at 7.9 grs. has usually out performed most others. Pyramid Air should have both scopes and pellets. As for the stringing, it could be the scope, the rifle may still be breaking in and giving erratic performance, or your hold may be inconsistent, springers require a consistent grip, loose or tight, there are two schools of thought. Shoot it a lot to break it in and never fire it without a pellet.

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    Are you resting on the board or on your palm which rests on the board? RWS springers seem to prefer the latter - at least in the case of my 48s. It would account for the vertical stringing.

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    Thanks Rafin and JLmurphy.


    I am using the ironing board as one would use a standard bench when shooting Benchrest. What do you mean by resting it on my palm? I am using a Hart rromt rest witj a windage top and a Bunny ear rear bag and a fery light grip at the wrist of the stock.

    How do I adjust the trigger pull on this gun?



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    If your RWS34 is of recent build and has the TO5 trigger , it's only adjustable for travel , not let off. IIRC . kirby

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    RWS Diana 34 Trigger Adjustment

    Here is the manual for the Diana RWS 34 airgun

    Here is some info on trigger work for this airgun!...Help

    Other than the above, which discusses replacing a trigger spring, generally dissassebly, polishing, lubing and proper setup is what you can do.

    "The trigger is adjustable for the length of pull of the first stage, which determines where the second stage kicks in. The manual warns that too much adjustment will remove all the first stage, but some shooters really want that. The pull-weight and overtravel are not adjustable."

    Here is a forum dedicated to the Diana Airguns

    For shooting spring powered airguns, here is a shooting technique that works for many
    Hope this helps.
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