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Thread: Ak 47

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    Ak 47

    My furnace man was over last night and told me he has 2, virgin ak 47's that were his dads and he would sell them. He's afraid of guns! One is a Russian build the other Chinese. They are pre ban, they have bayonets. Can anyone make a suggestion on a fair price or what they are worth.

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    Cool Vinny, look at THREE.........

    for the Russian & $250-300 for the Chinese. Remember, where you are, its worth the premium for the OTB status. Good Luck....

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    A friend of mine told me that a fellow that he works with traded an AK to an "IDIOT" even up for a pre 64 Model 70 in 30-06 last weekend.
    Due to the new president AK's and AR's are a hot item in a trade.

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    Make certain

    That these AK aren't class III weapons. If they are, avoid them at all costs.

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    Ak's seem to be garnering crazy prices, russians going for $700+ and some of the chinese $1000.

    If you can get the pair for under $1000 you are pretty much guranteed to turn an immediate proffit on them.

    There is no reason for them to sell for what they are selling, but thats the market.

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    Paul H. is pretty close on prices. Everybody is going nut trying to avoid the coming Assault Weapons Ban. There will be one.
    Unfortunately New York state already enforces its own AW ban. Ak-47 are illegal in N.Y.
    The guns this guy has may be grandfathered in. I don't think he can sell the guns to a N.Y. state resident. He may be able to sell them to an out of state resident, I'm not sure about the out of state sales.

    Below is a link and the text from the NRA-ILA site concerning New York state gun laws.

    It shall be unlawful to possess any “assault weapon”
    or “large capacity ammunition feeding device.” So called
    assault weapons lawfully possessed prior to September
    14, 1994 and large capacity ammunition feeding devices
    manufactured prior to such date can continue to be
    lawfully possessed..
    “Assault weapon” is defined as:
    A semiautomatic rifle that has an ability to accept a detachable
    magazine and has at least two of the following characteristics:
    • a folding or telescoping stock;
    • a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action
    of the weapon;
    • a bayonet mount;
    • a flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate
    a flash suppressor;
    • a grenade launcher.
    • A semiautomatic shotgun that has at least two of the following
    • a folding or telescoping stock;
    • a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action
    of the weapon;
    • a fixed magazine capacity in excess of five rounds;
    • an ability to accept a detachable magazine.
    • A semiautomatic pistol that has an ability to accept a detachable
    magazine and has at least two of the following characteristics:
    • an ammunition magazine that attaches to the pistol outside
    of the pistol grip;
    • a threaded barrel capable of accepting a barrel extender,
    flash suppressor, forward handgrip, or silencer;
    • shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles,
    the barrel and that permits the shooter to hold the firearm
    with the nontrigger hand without being burned;
    • manufactured weight of fifty ounces or more when the
    pistol is unloaded.
    • A semiautomatic version of an automatic rifle, shotgun or
    • Any of the weapons, or functioning frames or receivers of such
    weapons, or copies or duplicates of such weapons, in any caliber,
    known as:
    • Norinco, Mitchell, and Poly Technologies Avtomat Kalashnikovs
    (All Models);
    • Action Arms Israeli Military Industries UZI and Galil;
    • Beretta Ar70 (SC-70);
    • Colt AR-15;
    • Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR, and FNC;
    CAUTION: Firearm laws are subject to frequent change and court interpretation. This summary is not intended as legal advice or
    restatement of law. This summary does not include federal or local laws, ordinances or regulations. For any particular situation, a
    licensed local attorney must be consulted for an accurate interpretation. YOU MUST ABIDE WITH ALL LAWS: STATE, FEDERAL
    This may be reproduced. It may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    • SWD M-10, M-11, M-11/9, and M-12;
    • Steyr AUG;
    • INTRATEC TEC-9, TEC-DC9 and TEC-22;
    • revolving cylinder shotguns, such as (or similar to) the
    Street Sweeper and Striker
    • Assault weapons does not include:
    • any rifle, shotgun or pistol that: is manually operated by
    bolt, pump, lever or slide action; or has been rendered
    permanently inoperable; or
    • An antique firearm as defined under federal law
    • A semiautomatic rifle that cannot accept a detachable
    magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition;
    • A semiautomatic shotgun that cannot hold more than five
    rounds of ammunition in a fixed or detachable magazine;
    • A rifle, shotgun or pistol, or a replica or a duplicate thereof,
    specifically exempted from the federal assault weapon
    ban list as such weapon was manufactured on October 1,
    “Large capacity ammunition feeding device” means
    a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device,
    manufactured after September 13, 1994, that has a
    capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted
    to accept, more than ten rounds of ammunition. There
    is an exception for an attached tubular device designed
    to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber
    rimfire ammunition

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    I do appreciate all the feedback. Unfortunately its become a non issue. My furnace man decided not to sell it. Oh well!
    Merry Christmas to all

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