Sorry if this has been covered...I ran a search but no luck.

I want to mount a Harris Bipod on a Springfield Armory M1A with a wood stock. There are a few "examples" out there but no "definitive" ones.

One choice is to mount a Q.D. stud using a Harris #2 or #2R Flange in the Gas port hole on the stock. This would require some inletting of the flange and epoxy to lock it in place.

Another involes the same flange but drilling out the forward rivet on the sling mount and a little inletting too. (This seems the strongest Idea but I'm not sure if there will be enought clearance for the bipod to mount and still leave the existing swivel in place?) One example shows the swivel removed but that is not ideal.

The goal here is to have the Bipod and a sling (military) swivel at the same time. I know it can be done...the military has them mounted and I see them on the Springfield site but the instructions or examples are scarce....If I did remove the swivle, does the Bipod accept a sling?

Any Ideas or Links would be great. Thanks!