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Thread: Stiller Predator/tac30 and 221 fireball

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    Stiller Predator/tac30 and 221 fireball


    Has anyone built a 221 fireball on a Stiller/rem clone custom action? I'm specifically concerned with ejection of the spent case. I e-mailed Jerry Stiller and he was unsure if there would be a ejection problem, so I'm looking for first hand experiece. I know remington rotates it's extractor to accomplish ejection. The problem stems from the short case dropping back into the action.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    You should have no problems with fireball ejection...

    All the Stiller actions I have seen had no problems with ejection. You may have issues with the loading if you use a magazine. The 221 is shorter than the 223. You may have to put a loading block in the back of the magazine to move the case forward. Single shot will not be an issue.

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    No comment on the custom action based 221, but I did get my daughter a Rem 700 LVSF 221 f-ball a few years back. I don't know if the heavily blocked mag and shortened follower and spring will work with the custom actions, but quite a few folks have bought the 221's as donors for 223's and hence the mag, follower and spring's come up for sale now and again.

    Even with the properly dimensioned follower, it has a tendancy to get hung up in the mag while loading.

    It is a neat little round, but if I was building on a 223 length action, I'd go with a triple deuce or 223.

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