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Thread: My friends, Calfee (BEAU)

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    Kathy Guest

    My friends, Calfee (BEAU)

    My Rimfire, Benchrest friends:

    I've known "BEAU" who posts on this forum for almost 20 years....

    Beau shoots one of my XP 22 Conversions, as a rifle, and in the last couple of years has come into his own with it....

    Beau, Wally, contacted me a long time ago, asking if I would build him another rifle.......a......?????

    Anyway, I said, yes........I advised him to get all the parts together, and we would schedule him a time for us to get together.......

    MY friends, that time is tomorrow...

    Beau has no idea I'm putting this post on this fine forum....

    Beau is a great writer, so my friends, here's what I'm going to discuss with him when he arrives tomorrow at my shop:

    I'm going to ask him if he would like to keep notes, he's going to be with me as I build his new rifle, Beau lives 175 miles from may take three visits from him, but, I will give permission for Beau to keep notes, and, report back to this fine forum exactly what he every detail he wishes...

    He will see the rifle being built, and, he will be with me for the range tests.......good or bad...........

    My friends, the only thing I will not allow Beau to report on is my chamber finishing process......sorry...

    Beau has no idea I've posted this.....he may not want to fool with it.....

    If Beau is willing, I want him to describe, in detail, everything, from the barrel evaluation to the testing....

    If Beau don't want to fool with it.....I fully understand.......

    I do this because Beau is a writer, not like me.......and you folks want to know.....

    Beau is free, if his new rifle doesn't suite him, to tell the world what a phony old Bill Calfee is.......

    Beau may, or may not, want to do this.....ok

    If Beau decides to take the time to inform you fine folks, about how his new rifle was constructed, I got a feeling you will enjoy it....Your friend , Bill Calfee

    Your friend, Bill Calfee

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    Kathy Guest

    Day one

    Day one:

    My friends:

    Beau arrived this AM, on schedule.......

    I had not talked to him about his reporting, on this forum, on the building of his new rifle...

    But, he saw this post and brought with him a pen and notepad.....

    We spent the day together......he just left.....

    He is going to describe, in his own words, the building of his new rifle...

    If HE wishes, he can tell you the components....

    We have scheduled the second day for this Sunday.....

    From Bill Calfee's point of view so far......If I don't mess up, when we get to the chambering and chamber/leade finishing, it will be a killer!

    If I mess up, it may not shoot in a bucket....

    I don't know if Beau is going to report about today, or wait till it's done...

    Your friend, Bill Calfee

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    I plan to do it in one installment. I'll give it my best effort so it may be a few days after everything is done.

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    If you do the write up and get some pictures to go along with it I will put it on Bill's website. That would be great addition to the pictures of hs XP's I have collected there.

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    Bill,Beau what action are you going to use a turbo,hall or a 40x??? Jerry

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    George, You may want to leave a sleeping dog lie in that Bob Poindexter. He can be a tought nut to cut with a rimfire..

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    Kathy Guest

    My friends

    My friends:

    Just came from the tests on SPEC 8....sorry, I hope no one gets mad at me saying that, but that's what I did.....sorry again...

    About Beau:

    I've known Beau for about 20 years......

    My friends, you're going to think this is the absolute dumbest thing I've ever said on this forum.......but, I can not continue right now....

    Sorry, your friend, Bill Calfee

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