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Thread: 40X questions

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    40X questions

    Greetings, I am new here (first post!).

    I recently made an impulse buy and picked up an old 40x .22lr (bolt looks like those of the Remington 721/722 era). It looks to have been a military gun, due to the U.S. Property markings. It came with Redfield Olympic sights (front and rear), and a sling stop - but no scope mounts. I've kinda wanted one for some time, and figured I better jump before the prices became any more outrageous.

    Some questions though - It looks as though the bolt removes the same way as the 700's that I'm used to, but mine seem REALLY stiff. Also, I assume the screw just forward of the release is a trigger adjustment? The trigger is very crisp, though not nearly as light as my brother's .22's (Win 52 and Anschutz 54). Are they all so wickedly curved? Lastly, and this will show my ignorance, but do I have to loosen the screws on the receiver sight's slide in order to make adjustments? I don't want to bugger anything up.....



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    The screw that is accessable at the front of the trigger is for weight of pull.

    There are also two screws that are only accessable with the stock removed.

    The one on the backside is for travel (takeup) and the one on the front face is overtravel.

    The 52D and Anchutz triggers are better. If you want a great trigger, Jewel makes one that goes down to about 1 1/2 oz.

    Not sure I understand your last question. The Redfield rear sight has adj screws on the sight for both windage and elevation with markings for repeatability.
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    Go to and look under the Remington forum. They have a thread at the top with illustrations for both styles of triggers.

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