We had our final match of 2008 at Air Capitol Gun Club in Wichita yesterday. A windy morning! 20 gusting to 30 and very switchy, flags constantly changing. Mike and John each won $40 in a random drawing. Congratulations to Robert Meade for winning the match and the club championship for 2008. Robert won four of the 6 targets agged pretty good for the conditions. complete results at: http://members.cox.net/benchrest/ara.html
We had to call an emergency ceasefire halfway through the first target. A flock of about 15 turkeys wondered onto the range. They seemed totally oblivious to our shooting and talking. As they wondered in front and behind the targets with their heads about even with the bottom of the target we called a ceasefire. They continued to mosey along feeding and we resumed after they passed the targets. They were still on the range at the finish of the target and did not leave even when the target retriever went out to the targets.