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Thread: 300 rum vs 338 lapua

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    300 rum vs 338 lapua

    im looking at buying a new remington 700 police for 1000yd shooting but cant seem to decide between 300 rum and 338 lapua, i see ballistics that support the 300 rum being slightly more accurate , but maybe feed issues with the rebated rim, and the 338 being superior beyond 1000, just needed some experienced input to help with decision. thanks for the help.

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    What kind of 1000yd shooting do you have in mind?
    The 300 RUM is going to be a barrel burner.

    I got a good lesson at the NBRSA Nationals last week. I shot next to a .338 LM improved shooting 300 SMKs, I was shooting a 7mm SAUM and I held right with the .338. The man driving the .338 has much better shooting/wind reading skills than I do too. Some of the relays were nasty to keep up with the wind conditions so the .338 had every opportunity to shine.

    If you are shooting paper I say neither. For long range game animals I would go .338LM.


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    300 RUM vs Lapua components

    It's been mentioned here previously in general but take a look at the components available. Brass, bullets, etc...for most of this summer the only available brass for a 300 RUM was from Remington. Nosler does make some 300 RUM but it's been backordered for many months. The situation has provided me an opportunity to learn about choosing what your shooting and brass management the hard way since I'm shooting a 300 RUM. (If velocities are kept low around 3000 fps the barrel is not burning up too fast, but then why have a magnum.)

    Mike Wieland

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