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Thread: Riverbend September Group match

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    Riverbend September Group match

    Saturday was Riverbend's monthly match. We had 10 shooters show up for this group match amid switchy winds and hot, humid conditions. We hit 90F and the humidity was so high, fish were seen flopping across the range.

    We shot the 200 yard targets first. Dave Rabin enjoyed the calm morning conditions and showed us how it is done at 200.

    1st Place Dave Rabin .2670
    2nd Place Bill Dittman .2712
    3rd place Jim Andress .2822

    Production class winner Brett Green .4963

    Small group Dave Rabin .386

    As we finished the 200 yard shooting the wind began to pick up and started it's usual Riverbend dance. We moved the targets to 100 yards which should be easier, but, in the afternoon we get to deal with mirage and wind. The wind at Riverbend is fickle, rarely does the wind near the bench agree with the wind at 50 yards or 100 yards. Getting a constant, unanimous flag picture never happens long enough to get more than one or two shots down range.

    As we entered the last two targets of the day, the top three shooters; Bob Bradshaw, Bill Dittman, and Jim Andress were all close in the Grand Agg. The three leaders were separated by only a few thousandths of an inch. I actually won the 100 yard Agg., but I did so terribly at 200 yards, I was not going to catch up. Here are the 100 yard scores:

    1st place Scott Dittman .2442
    2nd place Bill Dittman .2514
    3rd place Bob Bradshaw .2566

    Production class Brett Green .4910

    Small group - Jim Andress .094

    The overall Grand Agg came down to the last target. The top three were within .003 of each other for the Grand. Bill Dittman finished his last target with a .167 group to secure the win.

    Here is the final Grand Agg.

    1st place Bill Dittman .2613
    2nd place Bob Bradshaw .2697
    3rd place Jim Andress .2741

    Production class Brett Green .4937 Brett won shooting a factory(out of the box) Tikka rifle.

    This puts Bill Dittman and myself within a point of each other for the lead in the Riverbend Benchrest Shooter of the Year award. The way Dad has been shooting lately - I may be in trouble.

    Great match! and great shooting, congratulations to the winners.

    Scott Dittman
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