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Thread: Fiberglass stock for a Anchutz model 64

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    Fiberglass stock for a Anchutz model 64

    Does anyone know where I can get a fiberglass stock to fit an Anchutz 64

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    McMillan makes one.

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    I got one from McMillian several years ago. The inlet needed a lot of work (mainley filling). I would have them do one with one cuts other than barrel channel and action (no trigger, screw, etc).

    I talked to Kelbly's one time and they said they could do most anything if you send them your action or a metal bar made the same outside deminsions as the action so they could use it as a insert in the mold. They actually did this for me for an action they hadn't made an insert for yet. I like the Kelby stocks a lot better myself...IMO.


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