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Thread: Need Riser for BRNO #4.

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    Need Riser for BRNO #4.

    looking for source for a scope mount riser for the BRNO #4 with 15 mm dovetail. rifle is dated 1958 Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Elmer,

    I have a 75 Mod 2 with the wide dovetail. I bought Warne high 30mm rings but they weren't high enough for the 71mm outside diameter objective of the scope.

    I finally found a dovetail to weaver adapter from

    The don't list it on their site, but here's a pic they sent me. 37GBP

    Specs are as follows;

    KOZAP‐30100‐19 CZ 527 Weaver Base 1‐piece Hex Clamp
    Total Length 100mm
    5 Weaver Slots
    Clamping Surface 20mm both ends
    Gap between clamps 60mm
    Height from top of rifle dovetail to top of base 11mm
    Recoil Stop 5mm wide
    Comes complete with Allen Key Wrench
    Steel construction

    There is a recoil lug to suit the 527 on one of the ends, but it's a simple job to slice it off they tell me.

    Hope this helps some.



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