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Thread: 243 Winchester TO 243AI ? Is it worth while?

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    I thought that any discussion among wildcat followers would have a definite liking for a longer neck ctg such as the 6mm Remington has over the vary short neck .243 Winchester?

    I'll take the longer neck every time. But then again I'm shocked that this opinion is not universally held by every wildcatter.

    I form all my 6mm Remington based wildcats off of 7X57 brass and would not consider doing it any other way.

    To consider a short neck ctg that limits me from seating bullets out to chase throat wear, in my mind is nuts!

    You want a 6mm AI, forget the insufferable .243 WINCHESTER.

    I'm in total agreement with the use of 7X57 Norma brass for forming. It spends as well as any Lapua brass or better.

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    6mm BRX???

    I currently shoot with the 6mmBr Jedi almost the same as the 6mmBRX. I reckon it is the best 6mm for F-Class. I shoot every distance with it and it out perform most 7mm. Think about it

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