This came across my desk the other day and just though I would share it with you, so if any of you are looking for new springs or guard screws for the Sako Finfire or Quad’s you mite give them a try.

My name is Pete Flynn. My brother Jim and I just went online with a new rifle and shotgun parts business. We manufacture rifle and shotgun springs and action screws. We made a 10% increased power chrome silicone striker spring for the Quad and the Finfire that comes with a new firing pin return spring. We have brought the firing pin strike with you trigger back up to the same level as with the factory trigger group. I know that when I spoke to you about the light strike after installing your trigger that you said you actually like it that way due to the reduced vibration. We feel that we have addressed this with the chrome silicone wire which has greatly reduced vibration over a music wire spring. Our spring will also be more consistent over time as it is preset and the chrome silicone resists set.

Pete Flynn