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Thread: RBGC 100/200 BR Matches - Georgia

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    RBGC 100/200 BR Matches - Georgia

    The Riverbend Gun Club's 100/200 yd benchrest season begins March 8. You do not have to be a member to enter. We shoot the second Saturday of the month from March to December. We alternate formats each month. March will be a group match, April a score match, etc.

    We fire the 200 yd segment first and the 100 yd portion in the afternoon. The actual match begins at 9:00 so a person wanting to enter should arrive before 8:00 to allow time to set up. The entry fee is $20 and we have a 50% cash payout to the top finishers. We do have classes for mass production based rifles.

    RBGC is located south of Dawsonville GA Spectators are welcome and there is no admission fee. You must have ear protection.

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    Ray...That's right ....first match of the season...we are gonna have to see who brings out what new toys.

    As far as coming out to be a spectator---Heck if you are spending that much on fuel to get here, may as well add $20.00 bring some kind of rifle and shoot too.

    How about this for a deal....if any new shooter comes out and shoots with us this year ... i will personally pay their third match fees....basically - buy 2 get one free.

    Any of you new guys or ladies out there that have thought about shooting a match - do it now...this Saturday. I promise you won't be made fun of (at least until your second match), you won't feel intimidated, you will have a good time.

    Bring a rifle, a rest, about 70 to 100 rounds of ammo. If you think you don't have something you need....let me know - I either have an extra or know someone that does. If you don't think you have a good enough or an appropriate rifle, you have been misled. If you have an AR-15 that you want to shoot - bring it. We will put you on the end so you don't sling brass and we will make you single load. If you have a muzzle brake - we will put you on the end - but you will get to shoot. (On second thought - if you bring a 50BMG - you will not get to shoot.)

    I will be there tomorrow to break in a new barrel...actually I need to practice, but don't tell anyone.

    Scott Dittman

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