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Thread: Berger retires 7mm 180 gr VLD die

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    Berger retires 7mm 180 gr VLD die

    The die used to make the Berger 7mm 180 gr VLD is being retired and a new die is now in service. Lot 900 (listed on the box as Lot# 0000900) is the last lot made on the retired die. Today we start production on Lot 1062 (listed on the box as Lot# 0001062).

    I do not know how much your seating depth will change with the new lot as we do not have the means to seat these bullets and measure the difference. The die was ordered with the same dimension. It will be close but will likely need a slight COAL adjustment to hit the rifling at the same point.

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    Thanks for the heads up on this. I will have to remember to double check the seating on the next lot.

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    Thanks Eric, I have about 1500 left, so it will be awhile before I reorder.

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